Multicom s.r.l.

Multicom is a concept obtained by a commercial experience developed in composites world since 1984.

Our passion for a dynamic and continuously evolving world like the composites one, brought us to create an institution that plays an active role into distribution field, focusing our core business into core materials trade.

Our mission is to establish ourselves as an essential link between manufacturing companies that we represent and our customers, to ensure both a solid, customized and accurate service.

Customer orientation, quality of service and reliability are the guidelines that characterize our modus operandi, directed to create strong relationships with our customers, to allow us to become their prepositive and permanent partners.

The industrial field we face applies industrial or handmade productive processes using materials related to composites world. In other words, we deal with Wind energy, Train, Automotive and most of all Marine branch.

Our range of products is mainly focused on core materials like PVC foams, end-grain balsa wood and PET.

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